Cardis small payment application

The Cardis Solution

Expands cashless payments

easy everyday payments at a fraction of the processing cost

Improves the economics

of existing transactions

Supports all payment form factors

cards, mobile devices, mobile/digital wallets

Works across all payment channels

physical retail, online and mobile commerce

Cardis. The answer to the low value payment challenge

Strong economic tailwinds, a challenging regulatory environment and advancements in payment technology are creating a perfect storm that is driving the need for a low value payment solution that combines ease of use with significantly lower transaction costs as well as compatibility with a wide range of payment products.

Cardis provides unique solutions for processing of low value payments with game changing cost efficiency. It aligns the interests of payment service providers, (including banks and payment networks), and retailers in driving the global move to cashless payments with significant economic benefits to their businesses.

By changing the economics of electronic payments, Cardis also provides real opportunities for economic inclusion in markets where electronic transactions are not the norm, where a significant portion of the population is under-banked and where a cash culture is deeply engrained.

small payments any platformCardis’ patented aggregation technology is provided as a software plug-in that integrates with existing payment products and infrastructures to reduce processing costs significantly.

It supports both the traditional operating and business models including four party and closed loop, and emerging models that include mobile/digital wallets.

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