Cardis in the News

1 May 2013

Cardis wins Contactless & Mobile Award

Cardis aggregation technology is the first to reduce the cost of processing low value payments to a fraction of current industry rates – good news for all parties handling everyday small payments.

14 March 2013

China's Smartphone Growth - an Opportunity to Tackle The Cost of Processing Small Payments by Cards Tech & Security

For China the rapid growth of smartphone use provides great opportunities to reduce the drain on the economy caused by the continued use of cash for everyday transactions.

6 Mar 2013

Cardis - Contactless & Mobile Awards 2013 Finalist

Cardis CMA 2013 Finalist in the Category "Competitive Advantage"Cardis International has been selected as a Finalist in the ‘Competitive Advantage’ category of the Contactless & Mobile Awards 2013. Winners will be announced at the Contactless & Mobile Spring Awards on 30 April in London.
Over 100 entries from around the world have been received for this year’s CMAs.

14 Feb 2013

Discount Stores: Hidden Benefit to Accepting Low-Value Payments Electronically

The conundrum for discount and dollar stores, as well as for many other merchants, is that transaction costs for electronic (card, mobile phone, or digital/mobile wallet) low value payments — typically defined as those under $20 — have risen dramatically, so much so that many merchants are finding them unsupportable within their own narrow margins.

21 Jan 2013

What's the Holdup On Mobile Payments? by Retail Info Systems News

There are many big players in the digital wallet space, and all of them are working on a version of the smartphone-based mobile wallet. Yet for all the technical know-how and industry clout being spent on it, mobile payments have yet to experience explosive growth – so what is holding back mobile payments?

10 Dec 2012

Payment Challenges - Aggregation of transaction fees may offer mass retailers some relief. by Mass Market Retailers/Rachel Press.

As mass market retailers know all too well, transaction fees for low-value payments (LVPs) - typically definedas those under $20 — have risen dramatically, so much so that many merchants are finding them unsupportable within their own narrow margins.

11 Sep 2012

Raiffeisen’s CardMobile contactless payment product proving popular with consumers and retailers in Austria

Since July, employees of Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich in Linz have been able to make contactless payments with their mobile phones at selected shops. Initial experiences and the feedback from both the shoppers and the retailers are very positive. CardMobile press release English CardMobile press release German View CardMobile video

31 Aug 2012

Can Square Remain Hip?

It’s not exactly a hip question right now. But what exactly is Square? Excitement is building around the payments company, which is led by Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder. It’s close to raising $200 million of new capital, and Starbucks said in early August that it was going to use Square’s technology.

27 Aug 2012

India – a market ready to harvest low value payments In this article Mr. Djurdjevic shares his impressions from a recent visit and discussions with Indian payment organisations. He also has some advice for financial institutions and other payment players participating in this market.

17 Aug 2012

Square’s deal with Starbucks Square’s deal with Starbucks is exciting and groundbreaking. The innovation and convenience Square is bringing pairs with the fact that this agreement signals a milestone for Square as it moves into the broader point-of-sale merchant arena.

10 Aug 2012

New Deal with Starbucks Raises New Issue for Square Square's much-publicized deal with new partner Starbucks is expected to provide the payments company with great new opportunities. But as Nebo Djurdjevic, CEO of payments solutions provider Cardis International, the deal will also present Square with new challenges that it hasn't faced before.

18 July 2012

King Cash: Time To Dethrone? Nebo Djurdjevic is CEO at Cardis International, a payments company based in the Netherlands that’s hoping to disrupt low-value payments. At its core, Cardis attempts to reduce per-transaction costs for low-value payments by aggregating them together into one transfer — but there’s much more to the story than that.

25 May 2012

Squabbling while Athens burns? Austerity hurts, there’s no question. Greece is feeling the pain, but it’s certainly not alone – countries across Europe are reeling from the banking crisis and austerity measures. And people are angry as they struggle to pay their bills.

14 May 2012

Business Case for EMV Chip: Carrot More Compelling Than Stick Although it has become the standard in Europe, Asia and Latin America, there has been relatively little interest in moving to EMV chip technology in the United States.

3 May 2012

Cardis Positions Low-Value Transaction Software As A Plus In EMV Conversions Nebo Djurdjevic figures recent developments affecting the cost of doing business in the U.S. payments industry have opened a door for his software company.

20 Apr 2012

Mobile Payments Today: Mobile Payments and Low Value Transactions Contactless payments, mobile NFC technology, prepaid cards, e-purses – around the world it seems everyone is looking for a solution to the elusive challenge of low value payments or LVPs.

19 Apr 2012

Payments, Cards and Mobile: It’s possible – industry can displace cash with all-win approach to transaction fees Square has become a retail and payments phenomenon. Across the USA it has provided hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized retailers with an alternative to purchasing or renting traditional point of sale card acceptance equipment.

4 Apr 2012

How small debit payments can still be profitable after Durbin Despite the Durbin Amendment, low value debit payments can still be profitable with the right aggregation solution

22 Feb 2012

Raiffeisen plies new payment technology to card-wary merchants Raiffeisen Bank is moving into contactless payments through an initiative called CardMobile. As part of the initiative, the bank is courting local merchants with a new processing technique designed to lower costs for low-value purchases

14 Feb 2012

First in-market deployment of Cardis technology heralds global move away from cash Cardis introduces low value payment market model which, for the first time, makes processing of small payments economically attractive for merchants, processors, payment schemes and banks

27 Jan 2012

Raiffeisen Bank International to launch Cardis low value payment software plug-in Low value payment plug-in provider Cardis has today announced the roll-out of its low value payment application in conjunction with Raiffeisen Bank International and Visa Europe in Austria. CardMobile press release English    CardMobile press release German View CardMobile video

14 Feb 2011

Cardis plug-in addresses challange of the Durbin Amendment The Durbin Amendment in the US is putting the card payments business model under significant pressure. With major revenue loss, especially on higher value card transactions, it will be even more difficult for the banks to provide attractive merchant fees for the huge number of low value payments.

31 Mar 2010

Cardis solution delivers win-win for banks, card schemes and retailers Cardis Enterprises International, an innovative payment solutions company, announced today the European introduction of its enhanced low value payment solution with a unique business model that provides a platform to drive cash replacement of everyday small payments.