Small Payments by card

The Cardis Solution

The Cardis Solution is the first of its kind designed to significantly reduce the cost of using the existing payments infrastructure to drive the volume of electronic low value payments with benefits to all participants in the payments value chain. Cardis’ technology is available as a software plug-in that integrates with traditional and emerging payment infrastructures, operating and business models.

With Cardis' patented technology individual consumer low value payments (LVP) are aggregated and processed efficiently as one transaction using the existing payment infrastructure (i.e. debit, credit, ACH/direct debit). As a result, the cost of processing such an aggregate transaction is spread over a series of low value payments that are never processed individually through the payment network.

Small payment mobileWhile there are several modes of payment in terms of consumer billing for low value payments, (prepay, pay now, pay later, analogous to prepaid, debit and credit products), the same principle applies each time. The issuer (bank or non-bank) automatically authorizes a predefined aggregate amount and thereby provisions for the payment form factor (card, mobile device, digital wallet) to have a specific digital balance available for offline LVP spending (LVP Allowance).

The consumer can spend the LVP Allowance, whether prepaid, debit or credit in nature, making small purchases at multiple retailers. On the merchant-acquirer side, all those low value transactions are aggregated and settled at the end of each business day.

With Cardis a low value payment transaction carries only a fraction of the processing cost of the original aggregate transaction, driving costs out of the system. Because the overall cost is reduced by an order of magnitude, every participant in the transaction value chain can benefit.

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