The Cardis Solution - Unmatched benefits for all payment
ecosystem participants:

For issuers (bank and non-bank)

Drives incremental profitable revenues, provides positive business case for rollout of contactless/NFC payments, and extends low value payments across other channels (e/m-commerce) in a profitable way

For acquirers and PSPs

Drives new business from cash-only merchants and incremental profitable revenues from existing merchants (physical and virtual point of sale), provides positive business case for rollout of contactless/NFC terminals

Cardis Small Payments AppFor payment networks

Unlocks significant net new volumes from cash conversion, provides differentiation proposition that directly improves the bottom line of their customers

For merchants

Unparalleled, affordable cost of acceptance for low value payments, positive business case for contactless/NFC acceptance, increased speed/throughput

For consumers

Speed and convenience, broader merchant acceptance including those that usually accept only cash, state of the art security at both physical and virtual point of sale

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